Deadline for aplications:
From January 30 to April 30, 2019

MAD Summer Course
Cinema — 375€
Multimedia — 375€
Photography — 375€
Graphic Design — 275€
Web Development — 275€

Its possible to make the payment in 2 installments: 
50%- until April  30th
50%- until May 10th 

*P.PORTO Community discount:
Cinema, Multimedia, Photography : 275€
Graphic Design, Web Development:  125€

MAD Summer Talks
1 class — 15€
1 day — 30€
2 days — 50€

Proof of the payment must be sent to the responsible of your school
Please contact the responsible of your school, for more details: 

After registration, you will be contacted by the course representative and sent all data for payment.  *Summer Course includes Summer Talks, meals and a freepass for Curtas Vila do Conde — International Film Festival.


The applications for any course includes the full educational program, meals, the ticket for Summer Talks and for Curtas Vila do Conde — International Film Festival.


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