Graphic Design

João Castro (RoyalStudio / Studio Degrau)
André Cruz (Studio Dobra)
Sérgio Alves (Atelier D’Alves)
*more mentors will be announced

Gilberto Ribeiro

10 – 20 July

12 & 13 July
Summer Talks

14th July
Team Presentation
Project introduction
Visit to the Boat House and Shipyards.

15th July
Case research
Development of practical exercise.

16th July Group presentation of project intentions

17th July
Open Day

18th July
Development of personal project
Group discussion

19th July
Development of personal project
Preparation for Exhibition

20th July
Assembly of the exhibition
Inauguration of the Exhibition
Group dinner

Last Editions
Graphic Design 2018
Graphic Design 2019

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Graphic Design
~ Under the sea

For the 2019 edition of the Graphic Design course, we’re promoting a collective and collaborative experience of intervention in a medium deeply connected to the city of Vila do Conde: the nautical sail.
Images of the work medium, the place for visit and display.

Throughout this week, with the orientation of João Castro, André Cruz e Sérgio Alves, the participants will be invited to produce an installation in Vila do Conde with analog and digital methodologies that will include identity, illustration and installation. All the works developed during the week will be installed in boats and public gardens facing the river / sea to be displayed throughout the city. 

Between July 10 and 20, in addition to the boat and nautical sailing, we will arrange guided tours to Casa do Barco and the Vila do Conde Shipyard, which will help our participants to understand the spirit of the city, the methods of nautical construction, tools, materials ... that will certainly influence the interventions throughout the week. We also arrange sea baptisms, visit a boat and the possibility to try different types of boats.

This summer course is open to everyone interested in joining a multidisciplinary and multicultural group. Adobe software knowledge (A. Ilustrator, A. Indesign) is valued but not required.

The course leader will be Gilberto Ribeiro, a professor at the School of Media Arts and Design.
Any questions regarding the Graphic Design course do not hesitate to contact.

Here a sneakpeak from our mentors work: