*mentors will be announced

Tiago Dionísio
Horácio Marques
João Azevedo
Luís Alípio
Luís Leite

10 – 20 July

12 & 13 July
Summer Talks

15 July

Projects Conception & Design
(interactive narrative workshop)

16 & 17 July
Contents Development & 3D Engine

(3D modeling, textures + animation and Unity Engine)

18 & 19 July
Development & Usability Testing
(production and tests)

20 July
Summer Show
(opening & party)

Last Editions
Digital Media 2018
Multimedia 2019

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~ Interactive Narratives & Virtual Reality

© Dar Cria by Xavier Neves | "While exploring an experimental narrative about birth and artistic creation, Dar Cria challenges the user's perception of the surrounding virtual environment using imagery with multiple meanings."

The narrative construction will always be the primary medium for the definition of identity and the construction of a culture.
Today, virtual reality technolog is exploring and developing new relationships between the public and cultural content, innovative cultural formats, unprecedented realities and paradigms to communicate stories that promote different forms of reading and interpretation through interaction and immersion.
There is a wide and dynamic community of researchers in this area who are developing several projects that explore the potentialities of this technology and, gradually, the creators of narrative content from traditional and digital media are more interested in understanding what RV is and how it can be used to build stories.
In turn, we can witness how this technology is already established as a narrative medium in artistic production through the introduction of the category of RV in major international competitions such as Sundance, Tribeca and Venice Film Festival.
The greatest challenge lies in creating methodologies to communicate open and/or non-linear interactive stories, throught series of events or ideas, that includes the presence, and above all, the public participation.

MAD Summer School Multimedia is aimed to:
— Enthusiasts, students and professionals with experience in interactive media arts, research and industry with particular interest in the areas of Interactive Storytelling, Virtual Reality, Gamming, Computer Animation and Visual and Sound Design;
— Provide an stimulating, creative and productive environment to learn, share ideas, critical thinking, implement projects and mingle with the support of the multimedia team;
— Research methodologies to communicate open and/or non-linear interactive stories, throught series of events or ideas, which includes the presence, and above all, the public participation;
— To produce experimental projects, work in progress, to be part of Summer Show 2019 exhibition.

In Multimedia Summer School, participante will learn and pratice:
— Interactive narrative approaches in projects conception & design;
— Contents authoring & 3D engine tools for project development;
— Usability tests and analisys.

In this Summer School, it is recommended that students have average mastery in programming, authoring tools and production of interactive digital media.

Any questions regarding the MAD Summer School of Multimedia do not hesitate to contact:* Mentors will be announced shortly.