Web Development

*mentors will be announced shortly

Ricardo Queirós

*tutors will be announced shortly

10 – 20 July

12 & 13 July
Summer Talks

14 july  
Sunday Beach

15 july
Brief presentation

Workshop: Design & prototype

16 july
Workshop: Design & prototype
Workshop: Web Development

17 july
Workshop: Web Development

18 july
Workshop: Web Development

Group Discussion

19 july
Workshop: Web Development
Group Discussion

20 july
Summer Show Opening

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Web Development 
~ Mobile Best Practices

Mobile traffic has already overcome desktop traffic online. Currently, almost 80 percent of global internet traffic is mobile.
In this context, mobile sites are becoming the cornerstone of content consumption and buying. Thus, Web mobile developers must be aware of several best practices to follow in order to deliver responsive, reactive, consistent and friendly web sites to users.
In this school you will learn that.

In Summer Talks (12-13 july), participants will ear about the State of the Web and new directions to build modern Web apps for the mobile realm. In these talks, we will have bright speakers to be announced soon! 

In Summer Sessions (15-19 july), participants will learn several topics materialized as workshops, namely:

  • Web mobile prototyping
  • Web Responsive
  • Web Frameworks: SPA design and implementation
  • Web Tooling: Performance
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Mobile-First Indexing
  • Mobile Web Testing 
  • Chrome Developer Tools
  • Web Services
  • Cloud Storage
  • Serverless platforms & Cloud functions

These workshops, will prepare participants to create amazing Mobile Web Apps which will be presented in the Summer Show.
Any questions regarding the MAD Summer School of Web Development do not hesitate to contact:  ricardoqueiros@esmad.ipp.pt